Extended Christianity Tours

I work with lots of church groups travelling around England on tours of a week, 10 days or more. Contact me to discuss a bespoke itinerary. I work with a tour operator to book hotels and transport etc. Popular itineraries include ‘A Christianity tour through England’ which focuses on Christian history and our great cathedrals, a ‘Hymns and Hymn writers tour’ and a ‘Wesley tour’. Some general interest sight seeing can also be included in a bespoke itinerary as well if you wish. If you have the itinerary already finalised with a tour operator and are looking for a Christian guide I would be very happy to be your guide on the tour.

The sample private tours below are great for church groups or why not get a group of friends together and take a tour.

A Christian tour through England

Discover the history of Christianity in England and some of its great cathedrals.

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Hymns and hymn writers, a journey through England

Visit villages, towns and cities associated with famous hymn writers and learn about the stories behind their hymns.

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A Wesley Tour of England

Travel through England in the footsteps of John and Charles Wesley. Discover the history of Methodism.

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