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Christianity Tours with Christian Tour Guide Fiona Cater

Right from the very beginning of my career as a guide Christianity tours have been an important and enjoyable part of my work. I have a heart for doing these tours because cathedrals and churches are often presented as if they were museums with little reference to the Christian faith. My tours present them from a christian perspective , relating the building to its place in our Christian history and explaining the Christian meaning of the art and architecture of the building. I found that Christians are interested to know more about the history of Christianity and that inspired some walking tours and then I added some tours in our great museums including a tour of Christian art in the National Gallery and a British Museum Bible Tour about archeological discoveries related to events in the Bible.

Christianity Tours in London

Cathedral and Church tours, Christian art in the National Gallery, Christian history walking tours, British Museum Bible tour

Christianity Tours
Day Trips from London.

Canterbury, Oxford, Salisbury, Winchester and more.

Extended Christianity Tours

Private tours of a week, 10 days and more discovering England’s rich Christian heritage.