Christianity tours in London

Christianity tours in London

Cathedral and church tours from a Christian perspective, museum tours and Christian history walks

Below are details of some popular tours in London. Some tours can be combined to make a full day tour. Tell me what you would like to do and I will put together a bespoke itinerary for you.

Christianity tours in London are guided by a Christian guide.

Westminster Abbey from a Christian Perspective

The Abbey has been a place of Christian worship for over 750 years, it is the coronation church, the burial place of monarchs and many other distinguished people. A fine example of gothic architecture. Discover the Christian significance of the building. 2 hours. Can be combined with St Paul’s Cathedral on a 4 hour tour

St Paul’s Cathedral from a Christian Perspective

St Paul’s Cathedral – the only Cathedral in England in the English Baroque style, the only one with a dome and the first cathedral to be built after the Reformation. Learn about the meaning of the architecture and symbolism of the building and its place in the history of Christianity. 2 hours. Can be combined with Westminster Abbey on a four hour tour.

British Museum Bible Tour

A journey through mostly Old Testament history looking at how archeological studies help us to understand passages in the Bible.

2-2.5 hours

British Museum Bible Tour and Biblical Manuscripts in the British Library

Explore archeological discoveries related to the Bible on this tour in the British Museum and then see ancient biblical manuscripts in the British library. The collection includes the Codex Sinaiticus which includes the oldest, surviving, complete manuscript of the New Testament in Greek, dating from the 4th century.

3-3.5 hours

Christian Art in the National Gallery.

Enjoy the Christian message of the paintings and learn a bit about art history along the way. 2-2.5 hours

London’s Best Churches Tour

Visit 5 churches chosen for their different architectural styles and their special place in our Christian history on this full day tour. I will show you the best churches in London all of which you probably would not find on your own. To keep an element of surprise I am not going to tell you their names in advance but I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Due to the limited opening times of one of the churches this tour it is available on Mondays and Wednesdays only.

History of Christianity Walk

A walk in the City of London which tells the story of the development of Christianity in England.

Roman and Anglo Saxon beginnings, medieval monasteries, the Reformation, the Puritans and non conformists, 18th, 19th and 20th Century revivals. John Wycliffe, William Tyndall, Thomas Cramer, Miles Coverdale, the Wesleys, William Wilberforce and more.

2.5 hours

This can be combined with a tour of St Paul’s Cathedral (4 hours)

Reformation Walk

A walk about the Reformation and its legacy. See sites associated with the reformers and the struggle to get the Bible translated into English.

2.5 hours. This could be combined with a St Paul’s Cathedral tour.

Anglican History Walk

A walk tracing the history of the Church of England.

How did the different traditions of Anglicanism come about? We trace the history, St Augustine of Canterbury and St Mellitus, the medieval church, the Reformation, Cramner and the prayer book, the Caroline Divines, the Civil War and the Restoration, 19th Century Evangelical and Anglo Catholic revivals. 2.5 hours

Hymns and Hymn Writers Walk

Trace the story of the development of hymns, visit places associated with hymn writers and hear about their lives and the stories behind their hymns.

2.5 hours

John Wesley Walking Tour

Walk in the footsteps of John Wesley, founder of Methodism and his brother Charles in the area of London they knew so well.

Highlights will include Charterhouse where John went to school, the sites of John and Charles’s conversion experiences, Wesley’s Chapel and House. We will hear about Wesley’s life and his dedication to his work for the Lord. The tour can include an interior visit to Wesley’s Chapel and house and we will see the small room he used for his quiet times of prayer which is known as the “powerhouse of Methodism”. A visit to Bunhill Field’s Cemetery will be included to see Susanna Wesley’s grave and also the grave of John Bunyan.

2 hours

City Churches Walk

There are thirty eight churches within the City of London and they are the ‘jewels in the crown’ of the City’s architecture contrasting with the modern tall buildings. We will go inside several churches with different styles of architecture and also explore the churches’ Christian witness down the years and their role today. 2 to 3 hours

Wren City Churches Walk

Beautiful churches designed by London’s most famous 17th century architect. Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt fifty one churches after the Great Fire of London in 1666 and twenty three of these survive today. We will go inside several of the churches, be inspired by the architecture and discover Wren’s contribution to the development of Reformation Church architecture in England.

This year is the 300th anniversary of Sir Christopher Wren’s death, take this tour to celebrate the anniversary. 2 to 3 hours

Monks and Monasteries Tour

Discover the remains of the monasteries. A half day walking tour exploring medieval monasticism and looking for the remains of the monasteries.

4 hours

Victoria and Albert Museum Christianity Tour

A tour of the Victoria and Albert Museum with a focus on Christianity. See how the fine and decorative arts have been used to the glory of God. Sculpture, painting, metalwork, textiles, church furnishings presented in the context of Christian history.

2 hours

St Mary Magdalene Church, Paddington.

One of London’s most beautiful Victorian gothic revival churches. Learn more about the meaning of the architecture and symbolism of the art in the church, its place in Victorian social history and in the history of Christianity and the story of its recent restoration. A special access private tour.

1.5 hours

This tour is available on Mondays and Wednesdays

Walking through Anglo Catholic History in London

Visit three Victorian gothic revival churches and learn about the Anglo Catholic tradition and its history and its influence on church architecture.

3 to 4 hours